Ameristar™ Clear

Ameristar Clear is a post-catalyzed acid cured clear coating with high build properties.  It is non-yellowing, easy to sand and suitable for self sealing over all shades of stains, even pastels and whites. Ameristar Clear is HAPs compliant and low in formaldehyde. It can be applied using conventional spray, air assisted airless and spray machines.

  • Outstanding flow and leveling
  • Provides excellent anti-sag properties
  • Maximize production efficiencies with fast dry and short curing times
  • Enhance life of product with great scratch resistance
Product Data
Product Number
[ 20 40 ]
Pot Life
24 hours
457 g/l or 3.81 lbs/gal
0.18 before catalyzed
Weight / Volume %
41% volume; 49% weight
3 - 4 hours
2–3 hours
Shelf Life
12 months
Standards and Specifications

This product meets the quality standard Conversion Varnish Transparent for AWI. It also meets KCMA and CKCA standards.