Amerivar™ Clear Post Catalyzed Topcoat

Amerivar™ Clear Post-Catalyzed Topcoat is a two component acid cure conversion varnish topcoat for use on interior wood products. This water white conversion varnish coating is high solids with self-sealing capabilities. Due to it’s sag resistance properties, this topcoat is very well suited for vertical spray as well as flat spray application.  Amerivar™ Clear Post-Catalyzed Topcoat has a 24 hour working pot-life after catalyzation.

  • High solids
  • Very good sag resistance
  • 24 hour working pot life
Product Data
Product Number
[ 20 40 60 80 ]
Pot Life
24 hours
4.49 lb/gal, 538 g/l
Weight / Volume %
37% volume; 45% weight
2–3 hours
2–3 hours
Shelf Life
1 year
Standards and Specifications

This product meets the quality standard - System 5 - Conversion Varnish Transparent for AWI. It also meets KCMA and CKCA standards.