Bernyl™ Fiesta Clear Post Catalyzed Topcoat

This two-component clear coating brings out the natural patina and beauty of wood. Bernyl™ Fiesta Topcoat meets KCMA specifications and is designed to be used on a full range of wood products including joinery, kitchen and bath cabinetry, millwork, and most other wood and veneer substrates.

  • Increase productivity with a fast curing time that allows for quick stacking
  • Deliver lasting quality with good chemical and scratch resistance
  • Rely on this formula to build quickly and offer good sag resistance without sacrificing flow and leveling
Product Data
Product Number
[ 15 25 40 60 90 ]
Pot Life
8 hours (23º C / 74º F)
4.95 lbs/gal or 593 g/l
0.0 before catalyzed
Weight / Volume %
30% volume/38% weight
30 - 40 minutes
2 -3 hours
Shelf Life
12 months (at 15-25º C / 59º-77º F)
Standards and Specifications

This product meets the quality standard System 5 - Conversion Varnish Transparent for AWI. It also meets KCMA and CKCA standards.