FORTÉ™ Easy Sand Polyurethane Sealer

FORTÉ™ Easy Sand Polyurethane Sealer is a 2K polyurethane sanding sealer optimized for faster drying and easier sanding compared to the standard FORTÉ™ Clear Polyurethane Sealer. This is a high quality sanding sealer for interior wood products using the FORTÉ™ TM508 series line of topcoats. This premium sealer catalyzes at a 10:1 ratio and has a 3 hour working pot-life. This fast drying sanding sealer contains no reportable VAHPS and is formulated without formaldehyde based resins. When top-coated with FORTÉ™ Clear Polyurethane Topcoat, this finishing system is designed to meet KCMA test requirements for finishes and provides a coating system with excellent performance for end use applications such as commercial and residential furniture, cabinetry, fixtures and displays.

  • Improved dry and sanding characteristics
  • Common catalyst
  • Good vertical hang
  • 3 hour working pot-life
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
3 hours
5.35 lb/gal, 641 g/L
Weight / Volume %
26% volume; 35% weight
20-30 minutes
Shelf Life
1 year