Bernyl™ Strong Tint Base Clear XH

Bernyl™ Strong Tint Base Clear XH is a low gloss, transparent version of the Bernyl™ Strong White that is designed for medium to darker color development. It has very high solids content and gives very high build on Bernyl™ Surfacer White or Bernyl™ Unisurfacer. With exceptional filling, it’s designed for MDF and can be used on solid wood substrate. The surface appearance is superior, smooth and of high performance. Bernyl™ Strong Tint Base Clear XH has an 8 hour working pot-life after catalyzation.

  • Transparent tint base
  • For MDF and solid wood
  • Very good chemical and moisture resistance
  • 8 hour working pot-life
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
8 hours
2.66 lb/gal, 319 g/L
Weight / Volume %
59% volume; 70% weight
30 minutes
2-4 hours
Shelf Life
1 year