Matador™ Plus White Tint Base

Matador™ Plus White Tint Base is a high solids pigmented topcoat with exceptional hang and fast dry time. This product offers very good vertical build and is recommended for a variety of interior woodworking applications. Matador Plus White Tint Base has very high solids content and very quick build in which a primer is not usually required. With its excellent filling and sanding properties, Matador Plus will improve process efficiencies. Excellent chemical and moisture resistance characteristics make it an ideal finishing system for kitchen cabinets, bath vanities and furniture. Matador™ Plus White Tint Base allows for custom color matching of lighter colors and is a low HAPS solvent system that meets KCMA standards.

  • Faster dry times
  • Very quick build
  • Meets KCMA performance tests for finishes
  • Custom Color matching of lighter colors
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
8 hrs. (23º C / 74º F)
2.39-2.47 lb/gal, 286-296 g/L
Weight / Volume %
63-65% volume; 77-79% weight
60 - 90 minutes
2 - 4 hours
Shelf Life
1 year