Matador™ Tint Base

Matador™ Tint Base is a fast drying, post catalyzed, acid cured conversion varnish developed for a variety of interior woodworking. It has very high solids content and very quick build when used over Bernyl™ Surfacer White or Bernyl™ Unisurfacer. The tint base is developed to tint medium to darker colors. It’s chemical and moisture resistance characteristics make it an ideal finishing system for kitchen cabinets, bath vanities and furniture. Matador Tint Base has an 8 hour working pot-life after catalyzation.

  • High solids and quick build
  • For MDF and solid wood
  • Very good chemical and moisture resistance
  • 8 hour working pot-life
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
8 hours
2.63 lb/gal, 315 g/L
Weight / Volume %
62% volume; 71% weight
2 - 4 hours
5 - 6 hours
Shelf Life
1 year