Bernyl™ Transparent Surfacer

Bernyl™ Transparent Surfacer is a fast drying, acid cured, post-catalyzed surfacer designed to prime or seal interior MDF. This surfacer is commonly used as a surfacer over MDF and solid wood, followed by either Bernyl™ Surfacer or Bernyl™ Unisurfacer, then topcoated with Matador™. This finishing system can also be used on interior solid wood. This surfacer has very high volume solids and low HAPS.

  • Very good adhesion to MDF
  • Excellent filling and sanding characteristics
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
24 hours (23° C / 73° F)
2.68 lb/gal, 322 g/l
Weight / Volume %
60% volume /71% weight
2 hours
2 - 4 hours
Shelf Life
12 months (at 15-25º C / 59º-77º F)
Standards and Specifications

This product meets the Conversion Varnish Transparent quality standard for AWI.