FORTÉ™ White Polyurethane Primer

FORTÉ™ White Polyurethane Primer is a high performance 2K solvent acrylic polyurethane primer coating for interior wood products and is recommended for use as a primer coat under TH590 Series FORTÉ™ White Polyurethane Topcoat. This primer mixes with a common catalyst at a 4:1 ratio with no required reduction, providing a user friendly primer with a 3 hour working pot-life. This primer exhibits good build and coverage with excellent sanding characteristics. When top-coated with TH590 Series FORTÉ™ Topcoat, this system is designed to meet KCMA test requirements for finishes providing a coating system that has excellent chemical and moisture resistance. Typical end use applications include commercial and residential furniture, cabinetry, fixtures and displays.

  • High solids primer, very good coverage
  • Excellent sanding, minimal paper clog
  • Common catalyst
  • 3 hour working pot-life after catalyzation
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
12 months
4.87 lb/gal, 583 g/L
Weight / Volume %
32% volume; 51% weight
30-45 minutes
Shelf Life
1 year