Stallion™ Primer White

With all the same performance attributes of Unisurfacer in a pre-reduced package, Stallion™ Primer White is a high production catalyzed primer for interior wood products. After catalyzation, this performance primer is ready to use with no reduction required. This user friendly primer displays excellent filling on MDF and other wood substrates and is designed for use as a primer for underneath Stallion™ Topcoat.

  • Pre-reduced, therefore making it user friendly
  • High solids; Excellent filling on MDF
  • 24 hour pot-life after catalyzation
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
24 hours
4.36 lb/gal, 522 g/L
0.08 lb/lb solids
Weight / Volume %
38% volume; 57% weight
1-2 hours
2 hours
Shelf Life
12 months