Ultra Hide Pre-Cat Primer

Ultra Hide Pre-Cat Primer is nitrocellulose suitable for solid wood and MDF substrates for interior wood products. This production primer has excellent filling, hiding, and sanding characteristics, making it an excellent primer for use under AcromaPro™ Pigmented Precatalyzed Topcoats. This primer is catalyzed at the factory and has a 12 month shelf-life.

  • Excellent filling, hiding, and sanding
  • For solid wood and MDF
  • High solids and fast drying
  • 12 month shelf-life
Product Data
Product Number
Pot Life
12 months
5.36 lbs/gal or 643 g/L
Weight / Volume %
41% volume/24% weight
20-30 minutes
Shelf Life
12 months
Standards and Specifications

This product meets the Precatalyzed Lacquer Opaque quality standard for AWI.