Aqua Chroma™ Glaze

This revolutionary technology of waterborne glaze has been formulated to be used with AcromaPro’s waterborne systems and within most of AcromaPro’s solvent systems. This combined with its non flammable fire risk makes this product environmentally safe and a must for new and experienced applicators alike. Aqua Chroma Glaze can be tinted with 896 pigments, Max. 15%.  This product qualifies for LEED points.

  • Easy to use and has extremely low VOC’s
  • Delivers an antique look and can be spray/wipe applied
  • Offers excellent adhesion and dries quickly while remaining workable
Product Data
Product Number
0.36 lbs/gal or 44 g/L
0.39 lbs/lbs of solids
Weight / Volume %
3% volume/ 3% weight
Shelf Life
12 months
Standards and Specifications

This product qualifies for LEED points.