AccuStain™ Spray Stain

Offering the same quality AccuStain™ Colorants, the AccuStain Spray Stain offers a combination of  3 solvent blend formulas as a guide to formulate spray (no wipe) bases for interior woodwork. These suggested solvent bases are for high production shop applications where line efficiency is critical in allowing the operator to spray without further manipulating the stain with a rag. These spray stain formulas provide a softer appearance compared to standard wipe stain applications and can be customized to fit your line requirements.

  • Spray, no wipe resulting in line efficiency
  • 16 colorants with Fast, Medium and Slow solvent blend formulas
  • Can customize to fit your line needs (see data page for details)
Product Data
Product Number
Varies by Color
Varies by Color
Shelf Life
2 years