Wiping Stain Neutral

Ready to tint, this neutral or clear stain base is sure to add beauty and grain definition to your interior woodwork projects.  AcromaPro™ Wiping Stain Neutral is designed for wood species like oak to accentuate grain definition bringing out the natural beauty of wood. This stain has excellent workability allowing for easy application while working the stain onto the wood surface. This neutral base can be used as a wiping stain or spray and wipe stain.  

  • Pre-packaged, ready to use tint base
  • Brings out the natural beauty of wood and adds grain definition
  • Longer open time, resulting in ease of application
  • Wipe-on or Spray-on capable (must be wiped clean)
Product Data
Product Number
6.20 lbs/gal or 743 g/L
0.75 lbs/lbs of solids
Shelf Life
12 months