Akva Line™ 318 HV Pre-Catalyzed Waterborne Clear

Akva Line™ 318 HV Precatalyzed WB Clear is a higher viscosity version of the standard Akva Line™ 318 Precatalyzed WB Clear topcoat and is for use on a variety of interior wood products. This topcoat has very fast build with minimal grain raise and passes KCMA tests for finishes. This waterborne technology has low VOC and no reportable VHAPS. Typical end use applications may include kitchen cabinetry, residential furniture, architectural woodworking.

  • Meets KCMA tests for finishes
  • High solids and quick build
  • Looks like a varnish
  • Low VOC and no reportable VHAPS
Product Data
Product Number
[ 20 40 60 80 ]
1.20 lbs/gal or 143 g/L
No reportable VHAPS
Weight / Volume %
37% volume; 34% weight
30–40 minutes
Shelf Life
12 months
Standards and Specifications
This product meets KCMA and CKCA standards, as well as AWI System 4 Latex Acrylic, Water-Based quality standards.