Akva Line™ 813 Waterborne Sealer

Akva Line™ 813 Waterborne Sealer is a fast drying waterborne acrylic sealer formulated for use on interior wood products. This sealer has quick build with excellent vertical hang and excellent sanding characteristics providing a smooth foundation for topcoating with Akva Line™ 814 Clear Waterborne Topcoat. This waterborne technology is formulated for closed or semi-closed grain woods such as maple and alder and is ideal for vertical application. This sealer is low in VOC and VHAPS content.

  • Fast drying waterborne acrylic
  • Quick Build
  • Very good vertical hang
  • Excellent sanding
Product Data
Product Number
1.66 lbs/gal, 199 g/L
0.14 lb/lb solids
Weight / Volume %
30-40 minutes
Shelf Life
12 months