Akva Line™ 814 Waterborne Clear Topcoat

Akva Line™ 814 Waterborne Clear Topcoat is a fast drying waterborne acrylic topcoat formulated for use on a variety of interior wood products. This topcoat has quick build and good film hardness with excellent clarity making it a good choice for use as a self-seal system or for use over Akva Line™ 813 Waterborne Sealer as a finishing system. This waterborne technology has low VOC and HAPS content. Akva Line™ 814 Waterborne Clear Topcoat can be catalyzed for improved dry through hardness. Typical end use applications may include kitchen cabinetry, residential furniture, architectural woodworking and novelties.

  • Meets KCMA tests for finishes used over Akva Line™ 813 WB Sealer, EL5981300
  • Good build with excellent clarity
  • Catalyst option using Akva Line™ 814 WB Crosslinker, ZZ0XTA004
  • Low VOC and HAPS content
Product Data
Product Number
[ 05 20 50 ]
1.70 lbs/gal, 203 g/L
0.09 lb/lb solids
Weight / Volume %
30-45 minutes
Shelf Life
12 months