Laqva™ Prime White

Laqva™ Prime White is a one component, fast drying high solids waterborne primer for interior woodwork.  This primer dries fast and sands easily with minimal grain raise making it an easy transition from solvent borne products. Laqva™ Prime has very lkow VOCand has no reportable VHAPS. Laqva™ Prime White is formulated for use as a primer under Avatopp™ Precatalyazed WB and Laqva Top™ WB Topcoats.


  • Fast drying waterborne primer
  • Minimal grain raise
  • Easy sanding
  • Very Low VOC and no reportable VHAPS
Product Data
Product Number
0.29 lbs/gal or 34 g/l
No reportable VHAPS
Weight / Volume %
45% Volume; 61% Weight
30 - 45 minutes
Shelf Life
12 months